Patrons of The Music Man Singing Ice Cream Shoppe are treated to an “Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Shoppe” with a twist! A vaudeville style cabaret of upbeat American tunes performed during every seating; sung by performers who maneuver around the entire shop, singing directly to individual guests and incorporating them into the show. It’s a family entertainment experience that appeals to all ages.

The Music Man Ice Cream Shoppe opened Friday, May 23, 2003 offering families a live entertainment experience in Lavallette, New Jersey and entertainment is the key word! Many people would look at The Music Man’s main product as ice cream. The Music Man looks at its main product as family entertainment experience, that serves a product called ice cream. Performing waiters and waitresses may ask guests, “What would you do for your ice cream sundae?” It’s a scream when someone has to shake for his or her shake.

The Music Man mission was to create a place where the whole family can sit down at one table and experience a lasting memory together.  I think we’ve done that.

This was my family’s first time to The Music Man Singing Ice Cream Shoppe and it was beyond Awesome. Extremely uplifting and positive. Very talented singers and such a great time. The children were in awe and had so much fun even the adults including myself enjoyed. On top of everything the ice cream was Excellent!

John Crisafulli, Google Review