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When you order a sundae the show is FREE

Allergies – We take all food allergies extremely seriously. If you or anyone at your table has a food allergy please share that information with your waiter. They will explain our cleaning and preparation process for guests with allergies. If you and your child feels that our process does not meet your needs feel free to bring your own dessert. Your waiter will only charge you our show/ticket fee.

Announcements – At The Music Man you may be asked to sing, dance or shout for your ice cream. As the waiter brings ice cream to your table someone may be instructed to perform for their sundae. Our best advice is to get up and do it quick. FYI Dad’s are the biggest stars when they perform for their children.

Banana Wheels – A banana cut in slices, not long ways for a banana split.

Birthdays – The Music Man is a wonderful place to celebrate special events. If you have a special event such as a birthday to celebrate during a Nightly Cabaret tell your waiter and we will announce it at some point during your seating. Ask for a Birthday Flyer should you want to schedule a private event.

Box Office – You can also see Fudge Factory.

Cabaret – (aka Nightly Cabaret) is what The Music Man is most known. Groups of Customers enter The Music Man at the same time as if they are going on an amusement ride together. Once seated, a performing waiter takes your ice cream order. When your ice cream arrives someone at your table may be asked to “sing, dance or shout” for their ice cream. Once everyone in the entire shoppe is served “Show Time” begins. After the show you are told to “eat up, pay up and get out.” And just like that the ride begins for the next group outside. No ticket is required. (See: When you order a sundae the show is FREE)

Eat up, Pay up & Get Out® –it’s our way of saying the show is over and it’s time to leave. We hear it even works in Grandma’s House!

Emcee – is the host of The Music Man who welcomes and seats your party. The Emcee directs Show Time and sets the pace of the Cabaret.

Fairy Tale Series – (also see Princess & Pirate Tea Party, Children’s Story Time, DISCONTINUED) Our Fairy Tale Series is a ticketed show that happens mid-afternoons (check the event schedule for days). A $10 ticket is required for all who attend. Ticket includes the show and a complimentary sundae from the event menu. Only Infants carried into the show in a car carrier do not need a ticket.

Fred – The Music Man Mascot is a larger than life costumed character. His name is an acronym for “Feel Right Every Day.”

Fudge Factory – The walkway to the left of The Music Man Singing Ice Cream Shoppe brings you to our Fudge Factory. The Music Man Fudge Factory includes over 18 Cream & Butter Fudge Flavors, Salt Water Taffy, milk and dark chocolate delights, apparel and novelties. The Fudge Factory also doubles as our Box Office for Fairy Tale Series tickets, Reservations for Theme Shows and Registrations for the Lavallette Breast Cancer Walk. Basically, it’s The Music Man Information Center. Call or stop by for more information, gifts and treats.

Get Out of Jail FREE – This can be requested to eliminate your child’s concern about doing any announcement during your show. Ask the Emcee for a Get Out of Jail FREE card. By placing this card in front of the child, the waiter will know that no announcement should be done to that person. These cards are reserved for children only.

Ice Cream Musical® – Part of our Theme Show Series, Ice Cream Musical® is a show that presents various songs in a storyline format which is fun and upbeat. ICM when presented  is a Reservation Show. (No tickets but reservations are accepted and encouraged.  When you purchase ice cream the show is FREE).

Lavallette Breast Cancer Walk – The Lavallette Breast Cancer Walk is always held on the first Sunday in August.  The registration fee. Your registration includes a t-shirt, a water bottle, and a FREE scoop of ice cream at the Music Man when you cross the finish line (Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry). All of the donations go to the Tone Foundation a registered 501c3. You can register with check, cash or credit (Visa/MasterCard/Discover) in our Fudge Factory and Gift Shoppe or online at www.lavawalk.org.

Nightly Cabaret – see Cabaret

Princess & Pirate Tea Party – Part of our Fairy Tale Series, the Princess & Pirate Tea Party happens on at 4pm (Check the event schedule for the Day of the week this event is being offered). This is a popular event so call to buy tickets as soon as you decide. Every $10 ticket includes show and a complimentary sundae off out event menu. But also includes your choice of one prize for those little princesses, princes and pirates.

Reservation Club – To make a reservation a customer needs to enroll in The Music Man Reservation Club. A credit card is needed to enroll in the Reservation Club.  This club issues the customer a unique reservation number (First Three Letters of your Last Name and the Last Four Numbers of your credit which you provided to the box office cast member during your initial reservation i.e SMI1234).  This number can to be used over and over, every time that customer calls the box office and makes a reservation for one The Music Man Nightly Cabarets or Theme Shows until your credit card expires.  A credit card is needed to enroll in the Reservation Club and rules do apply. Click here to enroll and for the program rules and regulations.

Reservation PolicyClick and be directed to the Reservation Policy

Reservation Show – (See reservation policy) We welcome all people at all times and will continue to seat people if there are seats available. However, due to the popularity of certainly shows and the logistics of The Music Man operation we will take reservation for certain events. A good rule of thumb is shows that happen before 7pm reservations can be made. There is not an entrance fee for a Reservation Show just order an Ice Cream Sundae and the show is FREE.

Show Time – The singing portion of our cabaret. The “Show” is comprised of mostly Broadway songs from a variety for shows that are performed by the cast of The Music Man singing waiters.

Theatre in the Round – a theater/shoppe is arranged with seats around at all four sides of the playing area.

Theme Show – (also see Ice Cream Musical®, Kids Cabaret Showcase) Our Theme Shows are reservation shows that happen on 1st seating of each day at 5pm (please check the listings).

Vaudeville – a light often comic theatrical piece frequently combining pantomime dialogue, dancing and song.

When you order a sundae the show is FREE – At The Music Man the price to our Cabarets admission is something off our ice cream menu. This includes shakes, fudge fondue or something from our extensive espresso and cappuccino bar.

Think we missed something the needs to be defined?  Tell us we’ll add it.