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In season Musical Shows begin at 5:00pm each day. For Reservation Club members, Check in Time reservations can made for any of our seating. But there is something going on at The Music Man all day long starting with Our Fudge Factory/Box Office and our Ice Cream Take Out Window opening every day at Noon. Visit our schedule of event to see all Theme Shows, Fairy Tale Series and our renowned Boardway Cabarets.  See Events Calendar for full show schedule.

We begin our Musical Seating at 5:00pm nightly. In season, Check-in time are 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8:15pm, 9:30pm, 10:30pm. When you arrive, speak to our host/hostess out front (wearing a striped vest or apron) about coming in for “ice cream and a show.” They will quickly help you inside or take your name for the next available seating.

Yes.  By enrolling in our reservation club you and your family set be guaranteed a table to one of our seating.  Visit the Reservation Club page and start the process today. You can easily register online for the Reservation Club then call us to reserve your table.  A customer can also walk up and place their name on a list. Seats without a reservation are available on a first come first serve basis.

Please also review the TAB on this page “Our script when you receive a call back after submitting a Reservation Request”

If you’re wondering what a Check-in time is it’s just like a fast pace at Disney World. You do not need to arrive any earlier than your scheduled check-in time and to check in time has a 30 minute grace period. For example, if you make a check-in time at 7 p.m., you’re going to get in and seated between 7 and 730. If you need any additional information, just hold on the line, and one of our cast members will answer any questions you may have.

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There usually isn’t a wait during our earlier show times between 6:00pm.  The Music Man can seat just under 100 people and the crowd gets seated all-together (like on an amusement ride).

When you order a sundae, the show is FREE! Or if you’re not in the mood for ice cream, our show ticket is $8 per person and includes a complimentary beverage. Choices range from our Flavored Soda to our Authentic Espresso and Gourmet Coffee bar. Free entry only for infants carried in car seats.

To minimize your wait time for each show, WE ACCEPT CASH ONLY in the restaurant where old-fashioned sundaes are served from our menu & our cabaret show is performed. There is an ATM available on premise for your convenience. We are able to offer credit card purchases at The Music Man’s Fudge Factory & Gift Shoppe, Take-out, Box Office

No. But, there is music, laughter, and loud noises.

Yes. We offer Private Parties year-round. During the summer, parties are scheduled Monday-Saturday with start times at Noon or 1pm. To view our Party Package flyer and get more information on our parties, see our Party With Us page. Call to check if your date is available! 732-854-2779

Yes. The Music Man does not manufacture our own ice cream however we do our best to get the most updated ingredient list of our ice cream and frozen desserts that we can from the manufacturer.  Click here to view the online ice cream ingredient list or ask to see the “Red Binder of Ingredients” when you arrive.

Yes.  You can purchase them in our Gift Shoppe onsite or online.

No gift cards in New Jersey can expire for 24 months. After 24 months the management company that supports this for us takes $2 per month until the value on the card hits $0.

So in short its best to use all gift card within 2 years of purchase.

GIFT CARDS State of NJ Consumer Brief


Hi, Kelly, this is Aggie1 from The Music Man Lavallette. Thank you so much for putting in a reservation request for five people for the five o’clock2 check-in3 on June 23rd.

We need a credit card to confirm your reservation. We do not charge your card unless you don’t show up or cancel. And then we charge five dollars a person. If you do come you order ice cream and the show’s free and your credit card is not charged. And at the end of this show, you pay with cash. So please give us a ring back at 732-854-2779 so you can confirm your reservation. Thanks so much. Bye.


1 Please state your name when leaving a voicemail.
2 State the # of people, date and time the reservation request is for.
3 Use the word “Check-in” NOT “Show Time” or “Seating time”

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