The Music Man is NOT a Nut-Free Environment

And though we intend to provide the best customer service, we are unable to offer a cleaning & sanitizing process that is 100% effective against any allergen or eliminating airborne allergens.  Due to our limitations and a vast degree of individual allergies, The Music Man cannot guarantee its process because of elements out of our control.

We’ve committed to a freezer that does not have any nut products in it and instruct employees only to use scoops that have been sanitized before use to minimize the risk of cross-contamination.  Our soft serve machine that serves Dole Whip and Vanilla Soft Serve has never had a nut-based product through the machine.

All toppings are within reach or next to nuts, and we do not recommend sending any sundaes through our topping station

The Music Man will not open any new containers of any product to accommodate a single order.  Should our policy and procedures not meet your family’s needs, The Music Man completely respect that and allows you to bring an outside treat so that your family member can enjoy the show. A $12 show ticket will be charged, and a complimentary drink will be served that anyone at your table can enjoy.

The Music Man Food Allergy Entrance Sign