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When you order an ice cream sundae, the show is FREE!

RESERVATIONS are accepted with a Reservation Club Membership. Broadway Cabarets on Sundays begin at 6:00 pm and run continuously throughout the night. Check-In Times allows us to pace our seating and still give our audience a scheduled time to arrive.  Summer Check-In Times are 6pm, 7pm, 8:15pm, 9:30pm and 11pm.

Check-in time is it’s just like a fast pace at Disney World. You do not need to arrive any earlier than your scheduled check-in time and to check in time has a 30 minute grace period. For example, if you make a check-in time at 7 p.m., you’re going to get in and seated between 7 and 7:30.

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Patrons of The Music Man Singing Ice Cream Shoppe are treated to an “Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Shoppe” with a twist! A vaudeville-style cabaret of upbeat American tunes performed during every seating; sung by performers who maneuver around the entire shop, singing directly to individual guests and incorporating them into the show. It’s a family entertainment experience that appeals to all ages.

When you visit The Music Man, your experience in our Shoppe will last about 45 minutes. We seat groups of people at one time and then take everyone’s sundae order. While these orders are being delivered, our wait staff begins to involve our customers in fun spoofs, getting at least one person from each table sing, dance or shout for their ice cream! Once all the sundaes are delivered, the 15-20 minute cabaret show begins. The cabaret performances change throughout the night as we rotate our featured performer. Performers sometimes sing a solo number, which is then followed by a duet and a finale.

Is It Appropriate For Kids?

Everything at the Music Man is appropriate for children. Our performances are designed to entertain the ENTIRE Family, from Babies to 100 years of age!!

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