“Peyton Overstreet”

Focus on now and enjoy the present.  This is the lesson Peyton Overstreet (2022) brought to us last summer and brings to [...]

“Peyton Overstreet”2023-03-08T18:33:36-05:00

“Andrew Ferrie”

"Sparkling" as you will learn, Andrew Ferrie (2018) joins us on The Best Summer Adventure.  Our musical director for many years, [...]

“Andrew Ferrie”2023-03-01T12:56:34-05:00

“Stephanie Langford”

Pure sunshine comes through as we begin The Best Summer Adventure (and this Podcast) with Stephanie Langford.  This season's casting director [...]

“Stephanie Langford”2023-02-24T09:00:27-05:00

Trailer 2 “Let’s Meet Liz”

Bringing Liz to the mic. Trailer for Best Summer Adventure, with Liz Schaefer and Aggie Roberts. Trailer 2 "Let's Meet Liz" [...]

Trailer 2 “Let’s Meet Liz”2023-02-23T16:00:38-05:00

Trailer 1 “Launch Trailer”

The Best Summer Adventure Podcast Liz Schaefer & Aggie Roberts Host a Meet-and-Greet interview show, highlighting the cast and crew of [...]

Trailer 1 “Launch Trailer”2023-02-18T11:53:58-05:00
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