Thank you for applying online for employment at The Music Man.

The next step in our process is to review your application and job for which you have applied. If we find your application meets our initial hiring qualifications and are interested in talking with you further, you will be invited to our April Job Fair for an interview. Applying for a position does not always lead to an invite to the Job Fair and being invited to the Job Fair does not necessarily mean that The Music Man will be offering you a job. If you do not hear from us, we will maintain your resume in our active file for consideration for 1 year, should a suitable position arise.

PLEASE NOTE: The Spring Job Fair is only for those who have applied for a “Crew Non-Performing” position. If you are interested in being a Performing Waiter, and selected “Cast-Performing” on the online application be sure to submit an audition packet. (Details for the packet can be found on Auditions for this position are scheduled on an ongoing basis.

We appreciate your interest in our company.


Josephine Sessa
Executive Producer