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“Jordan Yabut”

Jordan Yabut (2018) joins Kathryn, Ethan, and Aggie from Edinburgh, Scotland. We admire her time at TMM, but most of us [...]

“Jordan Yabut”2024-05-05T16:26:29-04:00

“Mackenzie & Georgie Morris”

Mackenzie (2024) and Georgie (2022), sisters, join The Music Man for this podcast and the upcoming season. There is no sense [...]

“Mackenzie & Georgie Morris”2024-05-01T09:44:47-04:00

“Samantha Sheldon”

Samantha Sheldon (2024), meet our first Music Man hire of our 22nd season.  It is clear when listening that she helped [...]

“Samantha Sheldon”2024-04-23T17:10:38-04:00

“Hannah McLaughlin”

Hannah McLaughlin (2024), speaks about the possibilities after being faced with unfortunate news about college and shows great character, a trait [...]

“Hannah McLaughlin”2024-04-17T12:31:23-04:00

“Hayden Lockhart”

Hayden Lockhart (2024), all the way from Georgia to Boston to the Jersey Shore, lives the moment with a smile. We [...]

“Hayden Lockhart”2024-04-12T10:23:50-04:00

“Cecelia Mielnicki”

Cecelia Mielnicki (2024), singer, jewelry maker, Jersey Girl (etsy.com/shop/CeceCraftss) speaks about discovering her college path, family, and her aspirations.  [...]

“Cecelia Mielnicki”2024-04-11T11:29:55-04:00

“Kathryn Lowell”

Kathryn Lowell (2023) shares her family's long history in Massachusetts and her inspiring start to the theater while we all experience [...]

“Kathryn Lowell”2024-04-05T19:24:45-04:00

“Hildarelis Troche-Carmona”

Hildarelis Troche-Carmona (2024) comes to us from Pensacola, FL. Born in Puerto Rico, Hilda sparkles when she speaks. Listen in as [...]

“Hildarelis Troche-Carmona”2024-04-04T12:35:45-04:00

Season 2 TMM Best Summer Adventure

Kathryn Lowell and Ethan Badders join Aggie Roberts as he announces Season 2 of The Music Man's Best Summer Adventure.  [...]

Season 2 TMM Best Summer Adventure2024-03-30T20:05:48-04:00
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